【ETON】MAS 160 分離式二音路汽車喇叭

型號:MAS 160 ; 中低音6.5吋; 高音1吋; 80/140W; 89dB; 4歐姆
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德國ETON成立於1983年,ETON是世界三大家用喇叭單體製造供應商之一,ETON設計生産的蜂巢式三明治音盆具有超高的硬度及非常輕的重量,截至目前還沒有任何一家公司的産品可以超越。其純淨的聲音表現,成爲ETON公司的注冊商標,同時也獲得世界音響愛好者的認同。德國ETON除了供應HIFI音響之外,更多的産品是爲高檔汽車音響設計的,據近年汽車音響市場的統計資料來看,德國ETON超過70%的單元面向高檔汽車音響市場,其也是德國大衆VW和寶馬 BMW的原廠音響配套A級合作夥伴,2015年開始與勞斯萊斯原廠音響配套的合作。


MAS 160 – the follower of a true legend   ETON’s latest 16 cm compo system is the follower of one of the best 16cm systems of all times. Many acoustic improvements as well as optical advancements make the MAS 160 an exceptional compo system 
One of the best and most popular systems ETON had ever developed was the Adventure A1 160. Therefore it was a big challenge to produce a follower that should not just keep up regarding acoustics and power , but even outperform.Many did not believe this to be possible, was the Adventure A1 160 one of the most mounting-friendly and most powerful systems ever.But the bavarian company invented the MAS 160, a system that can not just keep up with the legend, but even has the features to outstrip it. The subwoofer has a new magnet with large aeration, optimized ventilation and better max excursion.The new HEX membrane guarantees better SPL and even a higher quality compared to the Adventure. New terminals with screw- and plug function as well as consequent ETON branding (magnet rubber cap with logo, dust cap with logo) give the MAS 160 the distinctive look SPL 1W/1m 89dB is the "punch" that the MAS 160 inherited from the Adventure. Clearest reproduction, especially of high frequences ensures the tweeter with coated Keronite/Magnesium membrane. The crossover was also improved for the optimiztion of sound and ideal mounting.